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Step One: Salvation

Salvation is God’s free gift to mankind, offered through Jesus Christ. It is accepted by faith through grace and cannot be earned. It is the one and only door to everlasting life.
Step Two: Baptism 
Once we have accepted God’s free gift of salvation, the Bible commands us to signify that decision with baptism. Baptism is not a part of salvation, but rather the first step of obedience as a new believer in Christ.
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Step Three: Church Membership
Membership in the local church matters. It is as important to us individually as to the body at large. It creates a covenant relationship among believers for community, encouragement, acceptability, and commitment.
Step Four: Grow / Serve 
Once you have taken the exciting steps of becoming a child of God and a member here at Charity, the next step is to get involved and discover your purpose in extending God’s love to others.